About Us

For over ten years we are in the business of book trade – institutional supply, distribution, publishing & retailing.

In supplying books for institutions & schools, we satisfied the needs of most of government, non government as well as private universities, colleges, schools & organizations makes us trusted & known suppliers among them.

Distributing books all over the country & makes authors as well as their books a famous brand with enjoyable success all over the nation. We are at the back of famous authors & best sellers books in our highly organized well strategized distribution mechanisms. The reason behind is we are experienced expert in the book distribution area & master of the book selling business in the nation.

Most of the book lovers, readers in the town know our finest book shop with enjoyment of varieties, passionate collections with attractive prices in inspiring atmosphere of services in the last 10 years. We are fruit full of thousands of loyal customers & they are our sound witness in the retail of books over 10 years.

 Since 1996 in Ethiopian calendar we published plenty of books & most of the books reprinted frequently with transforming the publishing industry & taking one step ahead in astonishing content that meeting standards, exciting lay out design, in high printing quality & undeniable sales record.

We are still enjoying & working passionately the book import, publishing, distribution & retailing of books in firm fanaticism of our vision ‘ To make it happen “The Future of Bookselling” in to reality.’


Books & reading are an integral part of advancing society, we continue to bring the “The Future of Bookselling” to reality by drive change, creativity & innovation in the book trade of Ethiopia

As we are doing a noble man business we are on a Mission:

  • To provide booklovers & institutions the most inspiring retail in the world of book
  • To excel as a book publishing services provider
  • To be a leading agent for Indian, African, British & American publishers to offer the most efficient, fastest and most cheerful service to our local booksellers & institutional customers.


In the hands of every reader & in the shelves of all institutions - - throughout the country - - by advancing the practice of book industry & moving beyond the traditional book market of Ethiopia.

Our Corporate Philosophy:

  1. we exist to add joy to customers’ lives. We anticipate their needs & exceed their expectations.
  2. We believe that technology is a key to the future success of our organization and is key to the best possible delivery of information and products.
  3. As we support the advance of knowledge and learning, we are constantly developing our own professional skills too.
  4. To be leaders in our field through new & innovative products, programs, and services
  5. We are accessible and easy to do business with.
  6. We are often pleased but never satisfied.
  7. We want our people to be properly rewarded.